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    6 ft. 0 in.
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    Some College
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I am a very simple man,i love life, travel is a passion, craft beer, dining, hiking, and a good read. I much prefer quieter times, and less people, but can survive in crowds and am always surprised when I again find myself enjoying myself. That said, I LOVE a good concert or multi day festival. I'm blessed with an amazing son, and loving watching him grow to the man he's becoming(he's with me a few days a week). Only a few short years til college so making the very most of this short time with him. Like most I love music, and prefer live(even if recorded) music from rock to world beat. I love to travel when I can, and have been fortunate enough to see some amazing parts of the world during interesting times. I love tropical beaches(Costa Rica especially), but can be prodded to go most anywhere. I CAN cook, but love to eat great food more than preparing - I have a weakness for REALLY great burgers, but Indian, is a close second. I'm a bit of a photo buff, and love This American Life, The Moth and NPR in general.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a woman with open heart and honest, relationship is good in this our age. A woman who will not expect me to read her mind to always have the right answers. Am open, sincere and honest man willing to communicate about everything, When times are good or bad, I look for answers not blame likewise my partner too. I like a woman who is healthy and fit. Someone who wants to stay active, eat well, have dessert without regret, and expects more from a man than just stability.